Cloud Based Free HR Software

freeHR is designed to be simple and easy to set up, configure and completely free to use.

Perform all necessary Human Resource functions from any device, including phones & tablets - and from anywhere in the world!

Keep your HR Data in the Cloud

Information at a Glance

See the state of the company or employee at a glance.
What's happening this week? This Month? This Year? See it all in a clear and concise manner on the HR Dashboard.

HR Dashboard
Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees to request holiday sickness absence online. Gives them access to their contracts and employment records. Enables employees to update personal details and skill sets online. Gets them managing their sickness, absence and lateness.

Messaging Alerts

Receive instant notifications the moment the system requires action from you. For example; as soon as an employee books holiday that requires your approval, you'll be notified both within the system and by email.

HR Data Graphs

Graphical Data

High quality information... with minimal effort. Enable team leaders, managers and supervisors access to live data throughout the day. Condensed information presented graphically on holiday, sickness, absence, training, skills, lateness, overtime, lunch breaks is all available.

Role Based Security

Easy and simple to set up, companies can choose what information employees and managers have access to, limiting what HR Records can be viewed edited and deleted.

Store HR Documents


Don’t waste time, space and paper filing records use freeHR online to simply your HR records.

Report on your HR Data