Internal Messaging

Receive instant notifications the moment the system requires action from you. For example, as soon as an employee books holiday that requires your approval, you'll be notified both within the system and by email.

Keep me Informed!

Action from Notification

From an internal notification you're able to view relevant information such as the employee's calendar and then respond to the request — be it authorising the leave or declining with or without a response. Once actioned the system will notify all concerned parties.

Calendar Integration

Once authorised or declined, calendars are populated and the employee is notified of the outcome by email and within freeHR. This ensures calendars are always up to date with the most recent information available - keeping everyone in the loop.

Flexible Responses

Multiple response options mean you can quickly approve or deny holiday requests, book performance reviews and keep everyone up to speed. The responses you send can be a simple approval/denial or a longer personal response as required.