HR Charts and Graphs

High quality information... with minimal effort.
Enable team leaders, managers and supervisors access to live data throughout the day. Condensed information presented graphically on holiday, sickness, absence, training, skills, lateness, overtime and lunch breaks is all available.

Chart your HR data now!


Dashboards provide an overview of the company at a glance, summarising key information you choose to present. This is customisable and can include Employee Turnover, Holiday, Sickness and Absence, Overtime, Bradford Factor, Skills, Training, Lateness, First Aiders and Fire Marshal information.

Employee Calendars

In an instant calendar views can show employment history and include Worked Days, Rest Days, Holiday, Sickness, Absence, Lateness and Overtime. A great tool for appraisals, employee one to ones and day to day analysis.

Team Calendars

Team performance over a week or month is accessible, providing a powerful tool to analyse and benchmark departments against one another.