HR Information at a glance

See the state of the company or employee at a glance.

What's happening this week? This Month? This Year? See it all in a clear and concise manner on the HR Dashboard.

Simplify your Data!
HR System Dashboard

Human Resource Dashboard

HR Dashboard

The HR Dashboard collates all holiday, sickness, training, performance and attendance data. See counts of each event type in your chosen time period along with graphs identifying potential future staffing issues. In addition to these simple metrics there are also quick links to the latest training and performance events.

Individual Dashboard

Employees see all their data on one screen! Remaining holiday allowance, pending requests and how many days they've already taken; then the same for sickness, training, performance and lateness.

Self Servicing

As with the HR Dashboard the Employee Dashboard provides quick links, this time to both the most recent documents and their most recent messages. Everything the employees need is easily reachable from this one screen — booking holidays, changing personal details or checking their upcoming HR events.